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VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager [V5.5] Experts in CISCO ACI,CICSO HYPERFLEX, GENESYS TRAINING

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager [V5.5]

Course Details

In this hands-on course, you will learn how to install, configure, and manage VMware© vCenter? Site Recovery Manager? (SRM) 5.5. This course also equips you with the knowledge to assist in writing and testing disaster recovery plans that use SRM.

This course is not required for any VMware certification, but the content of the course is a subset of the knowledge tested in the VMware Certified Design Expert exam.

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of disaster recovery concepts
  • Basic knowledge of storage array technology

Course Agenda

1. VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager and Architecture

  • Using SRM for disaster recovery
  • SRM features

2. Installing VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

  • SRM architecture and components
  • Necessary components to deploy and use SRM
  • SRM prerequisites and guidelines
  • Installing the SRM software and the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager plug-in
  • Configuring an SRM site pair

3. Storage Replication

  • SRM architecture when used with array-based replication
  • VR technology

4. Deploying Replication

  • Deploying and configuring a vSphere Replication appliance
  • Deploying and configuring a VR server appliance
  • Architecture of VR
  • Process for adding an array manager

5. Configuring Inventory Mappings

  • Configuring SRM inventory and network mappings
  • Configuring placeholder datastores

6. Configuring vSphere Replication

  • Configuring VR for a single virtual machine
  • VR recovery point objective scheduling
  • VR disk transfer protocol
  • Configuring VR for multiple virtual machines
  • Managing VR

7. Building Protection Groups

  • Differences between array-based protection groups and VR protection groups
  • Creating, configuring, and editing protection groups

8. Building Recovery Plans

  • SRM recovery plan concepts
  • Creating a recovery plan
  • Modifying recovery plan properties

9. Testing and Running a Recovery Plan

  • Use cases for SRM recovery
  • SRM workflows
  • Testing a recovery plan
  • Reverting a tested recovery plan
  • Recovery plan execution
  • Performing a planned migration
  • Performing a reprotect
  • Performing a failback

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