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SnapProtect Solution Administration

Course Description

This course prepares you to operate a NetApp® SnapProtect® CommCell with the following clients: NAS, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, VMware® vCenter and other virtual server clients. The administrative best practices for trouble-free operation are emphasized throughout the course.


Customers, Partners, and NetApp employees


  • Planning and Installing the SnapProtect Solution
  • Operating and Troubleshooting the SnapProtect Solution
  • Safeguarding Applications with the SnapProtect Solution


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Manage the essential CommCell components: resource pools, storage virtual machine (SVM) peers, and disk libraries
  • Configure SnapProtect software to back up and restore volumes and directories on NAS servers
  • Back up and restore SQL Server databases
  • Back up and restore Microsoft Exchange mailbox servers
  • Back up and restore virtual machines
  • Update the CommCell to the latest SnapProtect service pack
  • Perform CommCell management tasks

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Getting started with the SnapProtect solution
  • Module 2: The NDMP protocol and the SnapProtect solution
  • Module 3: Protecting data on NAS file servers
  • Module 4: Protecting Microsoft SQL server databases
  • Module 5: Protecting Microsoft Exchange servers
  • Module 6: Protecting virtual machines
  • Module 7: SnapProtect solution management tasks

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