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Elite Instructors & Mentoring

Real world instructors with Industry experience Instructors who will help you pass the cert exam Elite...


Hands-on Labs 24x7

Just like classroom training, you practice in real labs Labs available after class so you can...


HD IT Training

Engaging and interactive HD experience Learn concepts faster Better than anything you've seen...

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HBFITES is a one-stop resource for all your internetworking knowledge needs. Our comprehensive product portfolio is an array of diverse training topics in all areas of established and emerging internetworking technologies, and our unique method of training delivery, geared towards accelerated learning, presents an economical alternative to competitors' offerings, making technology training accessible to everyone.

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Joomla! 2.5 continues development of the Joomla Framework and CMS as a powerful and flexible way to bring your vision of the web to reality. With the administrator now fully MVC, the ability to control its look and the management of extensions is now complete.

Working with multiple template styles and overrides for the same views, creating the design you want is easier than it has ever been. Limiting support to PHP 5.2.4 and above makes Joomla lighter and faster than ever. Languages files can now be overridden without having your changes lost during an upgrade.  With the proper xml your users update extensions with a single click.

Access control lists are now incorporated using a new system developed for Joomla. The ACL system is designed with developers in mind, so it is easy to incorporate into your extensions. The new nested sets libraries allow you to incorporate infinitely deep categories but also to use nested sets in a variety of other ways.

A new forms library makes creating all kinds of user interaction simple. MooTools 1.3 provides a highly flexible javascript framework that is a major advance over MooTools 1.0.

New events throughout the core make integration of your plugins where you want them a snap.

The separation of the Joomla! Platform project from the Joomla! CMS project makes continuous development of new, powerful APIs  and continuous improvement of existing APIs possible while maintaining the stability of the CMS that millions of webmasters and professionals rely upon.

Learn about:

DataCenter Training

UCCXD     Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

AUCCE    Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

DUCCE    Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

CVPI    Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Implementation

UC-on-UCS    Unified Communications on Unified Computing System

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DCUCI - Data Center

Using UCS Manager v2.0, learn to install and provision Cisco UCS, hardware, hypervisors, and...


DCUFI - Data Center

In this course, you will learn about the key components and procedures needed to install,...


UCCXD - Contact Center

UCCXD - Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Center Express v5.0Cisco Course v9.0 | Prepares you for...