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DCUCIX v5.0 - Data Center Unified Computing Server Implementation Express Training


DCUCIX v5.0 is a 2-day course that guides learners through rack installation and the provisioning of server hardware, operating systems or hypervisors, and applications.


Upon completion of this training, attendees should be able to install the UCS hardware and perform basic configuration tasks.

Who Should Attend

Customers who have purchased UCS B-Series Chassis Servers.


Lesson1-1: Describing Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server Hardware Components

  • The computing world prior to virtualization
  • The UCS Architecture
  • UCS Basic Building Blocks: Fabric Interconnects, Chassis, Blade Servers, Standalone Servers
  • B-Series Server Architecture and Features

Lesson 1-2: Describing the UCS User Interfaces

  • GUI, CLI, APIs

Lesson 1-3: Describing the UCS Management Framework and Features
Lesson 2-1: Configuring UCS B-Series Physical Connectivity

  • Fabric Internet Ethernet Uplinks
  • FI Fiber Channel Uplinks
  • Port Channels
  • Server Ports

Lesson 2-2: Configuring Compute Node LAN Connectivity

  • Basic LAN Configuration
  • Virtualization the NIC card
  • Adding High Availability
  • MAC Address Learning vs Pinning
  • Port Pinning
  • Moving Traffic: Server to Server, Server to LAN

Lesson 2-3: Configuring SAN Connectivity

  • Basic SAN Configuration
  • Unified Fabric: Using CNAs and FCoE

Lesson 3-1: Creating Identity and Resource Pools


Lesson 3-2 Creating Extended Service Profiles

  • Configuring UUID, LAN and SAN, Boot Order, Storage, etc.

Lesson 3-3: Templates and Cloning

  • Creating Service Profile Templates and Building Service Profiles
  • Cloning Service Profiles

Lesson 3-4: Managing Service Profiles
Lesson 3-5: Backing up and Restoring UCS Manager Databases
Lesson 3-6: Managing and Upgrading Firmware

  • Determining Firmware Levels
  • Updating Firmware

Lab Outline

      Lab A: Exploring the UCS Manager Interface
      Lab B: Creating an Extended Service Profile
      Lab C: Demonstrating Service Profile Mobility
      Lab D: Building Pools and Adding to Service Profiles
      Lab E: Building Service Profiles from Templates
    Lab F: Exploring UCS Firmware